Week 5 – An Accumulative Attitude Of Mind

This has been an odd week for me in that I have experienced so many blocks to getting the *MKMMA tangible homework done it boggles the imagination.  Even to the point that my computer started freezing up when I tried to write and save my DMP rewrites, and again when I tried to email it to my guide.

I’ve never experienced anything like this with my computer.  I had to recover those documents at least a dozen times, and in the end, I had to shut my computer down completely because it froze when I tried to save changes I made to the documents.

I simply remained calm and methodically pressed on through each roadblock, and GOT IT DONE.  🙂

Finally, everything is sent and reset.  And all is working right again.  Uncanny?

In the Lesson 5 of the Master Key, #28, there is a phrase that I keep mulling over, trying to wrap my mind around it.

All possession is the result of the accumulative attitude of mind, or the money consciousness; this is the magic wand which will enable you to receive the idea, and it will formulate plans for you to execute, and you will find as much pleasure in the execution as in the satisfaction of attainment and achievement.

This paragraph comes right on the heels of the statement “Spirit is all there is.”

What surprised me was how the “accumulative attitude of mind” is correlated to the “money consciousness”.

It’s late right now, and I need to do the final reading of the day.  So, I’ll leave this as is to sleep on and see what percolates into my conscious awareness in the morning regarding the phrase and it’s meaning.

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Week 4 – What Wires Together Fires Together

What Wires Together Fires Together

This week in *MKMMA we are engaging the fact that in our brain circuitry, what wires together fires together.  As we add more layers into the exercises, with colors and shapes, we start to play with how these exercises help us actively and consciously rewire the neural network that runs our subconscious.

So far, we have three sets of index cards:

  • Service cards
  • Plan of action cards
  • Flow cards

All of them work together synergistically to set our subconscious mind to manifest our two main Personal Pivotal Needs (PPN) and our Definite Major Purpose (DMP).

But this principle that what wires together fires together also helped me with a personal crises that popped up in my life at the beginning of the week.

A friend was given an assignment to conduct an interview with someone close to her about their worst day. We did a very short interview on Monday.

My worst day happened when I had a bone marrow test when I was 3 years old. I have blocked the memory of that test from my mind, but have begun to understand recently how that blocked memory has affected me hugely and unconsciously my whole life.

For most people, their “worst” day experience is often when they have lost someone they loved, or perhaps something very traumatic happened to them. There is often pain, physical, emotional, psychological, maybe even spiritual pain associated with these “worst” days in our lives. It’s not unusual for people’s minds to block the memory of hugely distressful experiences.

This interview triggered an energetic, emotional episode that usually knocks me completely off my feet. When this happens I will find myself crying uncontrollably. I often feel pain in my left hand. I am close to hyper-ventilating like in a panic attack, and I feel like I’m going to vomit.

My whole life I’ve experienced this and I never understood what was happening to me, or why.

Remember this, it’s important:

Just because we have no conscious memory of something doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect us.

Over the years, as I’ve tried to deal with this issue, my conscious mind would grasp at what I could remember. I would work with what I could remember but nothing would heal the problem.

In a way, I was grasping at straws.

When the emotional torrent burst forward in this short interview, I realized that there must be a connection between this and what I couldn’t remember about the bone marrow test.

In retrospect, and with much reflection and contemplation this week about all of this, I now understand that these very difficult episodes I’ve experienced for as long as I can remember are actually Post Traumatic Stress episodes from the bone marrow test when I was three.

I feel that with the work we’ve been doing in *MKMMA that Universal Mind, or Infinite Intelligence, brought this forward so I could deal with it now, because it needed to be healed and resolved so that I could manifest my PPNs and DMPs.

I spent the better part of Monday, and all day Tuesday, journaling on this issue to gain clarity on what I was actually dealing with, and much of it had to do with what happens when all four forms of pain, coupled with an existential crises, are wired into your neural network in a way that sits in your unconscious, creating double binds and triple binds.  Everything was all entangled.

All of this was wired together in a way that when triggered would essentially take over my emotional/physical/psychological state, in an unconscious effort to heal the initial trauma.

For years now, I have used a little known but amazing protocol, TATLife, to unravel these sorts of issues in my brain circuitry.

So, with my new clarity on the situation, I ran a TATLife on this issue late Tuesday night.  I could literally feel my brain rewiring itself during the night.

For the first time in my life, I am free from the suffering of that experience.

No pain in my left hand.

No feeling like I’m about to vomit.

None of the other very uncomfortable sensations that happen with these episodes.

Totally free.

Yaay!!!! (As Dinny does a Happy Dance.)  🙂

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Week 3 – Miracles Are Natural

Miracles are natural

In Lesson 3 of the Master Key System, Charles Haanel writes, “It is the method which is producing such extraordinary results that many think that miracles are being accomplished.(3.23.)

Haanel explains and describes this method in the two previous paragraphs, (3.21. and 3.22.)

As the following statement is of considerable importance, I will put it in several ways, so that you cannot fail to get the full significance of it. I you are religiously inclined, I would say, you can let your light shine. If your mind has a bias toward physical science, I would say you can wake the Solar Plexus; or if you prefer the strictly scientific interpretation, I will say that you can impress your subconscious mind.

… Mentally concentrate on the object of your desire; when you are concentrating you are impressing the subconscious.

This is not the only way, but it is a simple and effective way, and the most direct way, and consequently the way in which the best results are secured. It is the method which is producing such extraordinary results that many think that miracles are being accomplished.

“The most direct way.”

I’ve always strongly believed that each of us has what I call a “direct connection to Source.”

Over the years, I’ve often been considered a wee bit difficult because I believed this direct connection to Source is our birth right, precious and valuable beyond measure. This belief has caused many a well meaning person to become frustrated with me, because I refuse to take part in anything that tries to place itself as a middle man, between me and my direct connection to Source.

Almost everyone has at one time or another experienced what I call the inner worlds, what Edgar Cayce referred to as the unseen forces within, my mother called the creative forces, Og Mandino refers to as that “mysterious source which never sleeps, and Haanel speaks of as he says, “the mind-forces are ever ready to lend themselves to a purposeful will”.

The description of this ever-present pervasive creative intelligence shows up in almost every field of study and is experienced by essentially everyone.

Nature's Mirroring
Nature’s Mirroring

Even the original peoples describe this Source. Alberto Villodo, a shaman trained by the Achuar of South America, describes it here.

They say the shaman lives in perfect ayni – the universe reciprocates his every action, mirrors his intent back to him as he is a mirror to others. That is how the shaman lives in synchronicity with nature. The shaman’s world mirrors the shaman’s will and intent and actions.

Miracles are natural

I’ve been an avid student of A Course in Miracles since the early nineties. I’ve been through the course, in full, three times as a way to deepen my mental discipline, to test my logic against reality, and to train myself to perceive and interpret the world around me in ways that work, that result in happiness, and inner peace.

In the very beginning of A Course of Miracles a statement was made that has stayed with me over the years. “Miracles are natural.” This statement echoes Haanel’s statement above, “that many think that miracles are being accomplished.

A benefit to how Haanel explains how the subconscious works in religious, and scientific terms, is that it helps bridge a gap between the two cultures of thinking. It creates a common ground of understanding.

There are so many ways to say the same thing. And they all point to one surprising insight.

Miracles are not supernatural, they are natural. We have only to learn how reality works.

Think about it, and you’ll soon realize, we are always creating.

Honestly, we cannot not create.

We can however, learn the method of how we already create, or miscreate, and practice it until we become better and better at it.

And as we do so, as we practice what we learn. Over time, we become masters of natural miracles.

This is what I’m discovering.  The *Master Key Master Mind Alliance, MKMMA is exactly about this;  mastering our selves.

The journey of *MKMMA empowers our capacity for experiencing natural miracles.

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Week 2 – Breakthrough – Rewriting My Definite Major Purpose (DMP)

Animas River, Follow Your Purpose.A seemingly tiny tweak of inner awareness and the river starts flowing again.

In Week 1 – Discovering MKMMA – Harmony Begins Within, I mentioned that one of the several reasons why I joined this awesome master mind was to have the experience of working in a harmonious master mind.  I’m curious to have the experience and I’m curious as to how this experience is created.  Another primary reason I joined this master mind is to get clarity on my Definite Major Purpose, aka DMP.

We were asked to submit a 400 word Definite Major Purpose so that we could get into meat of the master mind.  Everything we do in this master mind is contingent up having a clear DMP. And this is where the harmony begins.  It’s not about every one being the same and thinking the same. It’s about everyone facing the same direction, moving forward in our lives in a harmonious way.

The nitty-gritty of the process begins with this first submission of our DMP. *MKMMA master minders would be assigned a *MKMMA Certified Guide only upon completion of this significant task.  This is completely understandable.

Years ago, back in 1993, 🙂 I went through a process of self-reflection while developing my mission statement as defined in Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

It focuses on what you want to be and do. It is your plan for success. It reaffirms who you are, puts your goals in focus, and moves your ideas into the real world. Your mission statement makes you the leader of your own life. You create your own destiny and secure the future you envision.

I was living in a different season in my life.

At the time, I was a stay-at-home Mom, and my primary interest was inner spiritual growth and development.  My 1993 Mission Statement was written to anchor that deeply into my inner world.  And on that point, it was hugely successful.

However, now, I find myself wanting to focus more in what I can give back to others.  I remember a friend shared an interesting idea with me once.  She explained how there is an inflow and an outflow in our lives.  And she talked about the value of balance between our inflow and outflow.  She used the metaphor of breathing, breath in and breath out.  For most of my life I have been taking information in, and now find myself near bursting inside to express what I’ve learned over the years.

Only, I didn’t know this was what was happening.  I’ve been feeling drawn toward certain actions, but did not understand the underlying needs driving me toward those actions.

In Sunday’s Week 2 Webinar, Mark J and Davene began layering in the first layer of processes that will build upon our DMP’s.  A key concept in this process was understanding what they call our PPNs. Our Personal Pivotal Needs.  Our PPN’s are like oxygen for our souls, what our souls need to breath.

We were given a list of seven needs, and using our non-dominant hand did an exercise which got us in touch with our own personal pivotal needs.  My PPN’s are Legacy and Recognition for Creative Expression.

The need for Legacy was easy for me to see.  It’s something I’ve been aware of for a long time now.

But the need for Recognition for Creative Expression was hidden from me.  It’s a need I did not allow myself to see.  And here is where the breakthrough enters into my process.

My need for Recognition for Creative Expression was something I never allowed myself to feel, see, notice, or even become aware of, because somewhere along the way of my life, I had taken in the idea that it was selfish.  The denial of our needs creates blind spots in our self-awareness, and blocks the flow of our creative energy.

Often times, simply becoming aware of where we are blocked in our inner world, releases a logjam of pent up energy.  A seemingly tiny tweak of inner awareness and the river starts flowing again.  Breakthrough!

This discovery opened a whole new way of looking at what I want to do; clarifying my Definite Major Purpose.  Things make more sense to me now.

For fellow *MKMMA master minders, what did you discover as you uncovered your Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs)?  I’m genuinely interested … leave a comment below, and let’s explore together.

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