September 22, 2070 


A United Nations TV Exclusive: 

Sebastian Xavier Interviews edina

Sebastian Xavier, the popular post millennial journalist and social media personality is interviewing the acclaimed edina, Co-Founder and Director of Nimra’ Research Institute and author of Renaissance Humanity.  The interview is taking place at edina‘s home which is also the original site of Nimra’ Research Institute in celebration of the NRI‘s 45th anniversary and Nature’s New Year.

One day, I asked myself, “How can I have a billionaire impact without having to live a billionaire lifestyle?” 

I knew enough to know that is NOT a lifestyle I wanted to live.  Gradually, this long term plan started coming to mind. Well an earlier question I had asked myself was, “How can I help people in a way that is meaningful to them?”  See, if we help people without their asking and in ways that are grounded in what is meaningful to them, it doesn’t come off helpful.  It often feels more like someone imposing their will, than being helpful.  I didn’t want to do that with people.  I wanted it to be meaningful to them.

I had started asking that question in the spring of 2012.  I began receiving an answer in the summer 2012.  And in the fall, I experienced a synchronicity that eventually led me to recognize how several odd and profound experiences I’ve had over the years, had in fact, answered my question, even thirty years before I had asked it.  Time is not a factor to Infinity.

The most powerful action you can take for yourself is to learn to ask empowering questions. 

Then, learn to listen to Infinite Intelligence, for the answers, and take action on those answers.

 Her ideas and research led to transformations in education, ecology, economy and currency, direct democracy inclusive of Nature Intelligence, science, culture, and the development of natural telepathy, telekinesis, and shows promise in developing natural teleportation.

edina also wrote the novel and screen play, Txo-Omi 2020, and the wildly popular Crossover Capable book series brought to film during the 20’s and 30’s. 


Sebastian Xavier: Good morning edina, I must say, I am honored to be here in your home, and the first site of NRI’s field research gardens. It’s been how long now that you’ve conducted research from this site.

edina: About 50 years. Although we didn’t step into full operation until 2025. The seed for the idea of this place began much earlier though.

Sebastian Xavier:  What surprises me, I think is the simplicity of your home. And, … well, you do have a lot of books and plants.

edina:  Yes, books are my friends. Or rather, the authors of the books have become like friends in my mind. And in my heart. And the plants are my friends, and teachers.

Sebastian Xavier:  It’s very much like a cozy library.

edina:  It is, thank you. In the beginning, the interns would gather right here at the dining room table, for lessons and for meals. The training was intense, especially back then. Because we were breaking ground so to speak, not only in learning the skills of growing and tending the soil, but also how to change our minds. We were learning how move to beyond the boxes of the common misconceptions about humanity’s relationship to Nature and the environment. Our culture was just beginning to rekindle our awareness of how very real our connections were to Nature Intelligence. And of course, Infinite Intelligence. It was hard for the interns to trust their imaginations; to trust how extra-ordinarily creative their imaginations were and how that affected them and everything around them.

Sebastian Xavier:  Did you know even then that your research would become so “ground breaking”?  Pardon the pun.

edina:  First let me clarify.  It’s not my research, it’s our research.  For me, even now, it was and is not so much ground breaking, but rather, box-dissolving. And yes, I thought it could be challenging. But the time was right. We were coming out of the industrial age, with the mechanistic models of life, reality and universe. The trans-national corporations of the day were pushing for a digital model to replace the mechanistic one. But I knew the real solutions lay in understanding that we are energy beings.

Consciousness is like water.

It operates very much according to plasma dynamics. Our senses perceive solidity, but our being is very fluid.

I felt for humanity to actualize it’s highest, full potential, we would need to explore this fact about our ourselves and our reality. And we did. This willingness to deal with the reality of who we are naturally opened up the way for the breakthroughs that followed.

Sebastian Xavier:  And holy smacks, were they breakthroughs. Epic breakthroughs. To be honest. Your ideas and research has completely transformed almost every level of our culture. When I look back at that time in our history, if feels barbaric to me.

edina:  Well Sebastian, in many ways it was. Of course, when you are living in the time, it doesn’t feel that way. It’s just the time you live in. Although, we were deteriorating fast. The old models of polarity were reaching a bifurcation point. And we were very much at the precipice. Evolve, or die, as a species.

The old models for solving problems were not going to work because it was those very models that were creating the problems at a foundational level.

I decided to do something very different. There were some cutting edge thinkers of the time that were also looking at the situation from the same perspective I was, so I didn’t feel alone in the process. I decided to connect to Infinite Intelligence and ask for guidance there. It was both very natural for me, but also made me sound like a crazy woman to a lot of people for a good long while.

I was very fortunate my husband was also an outside-the-box thinker, and he would listen to me, even though he didn’t understand much of what I was saying. I knew for this to work, we needed research, we needed to bring science to the mystery and apply it practically in a way that people could experience it first hand for themselves. And understand what they were experiencing, and how to experience it at-will. This was when the idea of Open Crowd Research began.

I was both concerned and frustrated that so much money, energy, attention and resources were being thrown at trying to recreate who we are into artificial bodies and machines, to move our consciousness into external dead technology. And corporate interests were mucking about with our DNA without having any real understanding of what lay beneath it, our energy beings. They were most often even in denial that we existed as energy beings.

I kept thinking to myself, why are we not applying all of these resources to developing our inner technology. I felt like our bodies were like Maseratis, (which was a high precision car at that time) but our ideas about ourselves were like we were old farm trucks, junkers, or something like that. We simply had no idea of our potential. 

And this felt intentional to me.

I suspected that at very high and secretive levels research was being done regarding our capabilities, but it was hoarded away by corporations for personal use or potential profit. Everything was being funnelled through the conceptual channel of “profit”, rather than “flow”.

Sebastian Xavier:  It’s hard to imagine that mindset now.

edina:  Yes, but back then, it was as hard to imagine our mindset now. We needed bridge builders into our future. Bridge builders grounded in reality.

Sebastian Xavier:  So you started with the ground, with soil. And gardening. Food Production.

edina:  Yes, the idea wasn’t originally mine. There were great thinkers who came before me. And contemporaries, too. Tesla. Steiner. The Findhorn Experiment and Machealle Small Wright with Perelandria. And of course, the mythic Anastasia from Russia. Joseph Chilton Pierce. Jean Liedloff. And Becker, Al-Khalili, Kruse, The Thunderbolts Project.

The understanding of plasma dynamics, and quantum biology just upped the inspiration, along with the growing body of work into the fact of the electro-magnetic nature of our bodies and the universe.



The soil in a garden is the best teacher of all these principles. And we needed to enliven the soil again, to cultivate it’s intelligence. To regenerate the species we needed to regenerate the soil, and water. Because we are not separate from the soil, we spring from it, or our bodies spring from it. Humus. Humanity. And we are water-carriers, much like healthy soil holds water. Healthy bodies hold Spirit, which is also like water. You know, the old Age of Aquarius symbol of the water-bearer. That’s us. Humanity. People, trees, plants, animals, microbes… it’s all Humanity.

Sebastian Xavier:  I apologize. I’m usually at a loss for words. Do you mind if we just sit in silence for a moment.

edina:  Of course not, as you know, my favorite sound is silence. Imagine the whole world, or at least everyone watching this broadcast right now, joining us. All of us, meeting in the field of consciousness, through our moments of silence.

(Silence. After some time, Sebastian speaks…)

Sebastian Xavier:  That was very rich, edina, thank you. In closing I’d like to ask you one more question. Vi Na?  What’s next?


 Disclaimer: This Press Release was an exercise created in the Master Key Experience course. #MKMMA

The Future enters into us … long before it happens.  Rainier Maria Rilke


I love, Love, LOVE that my children’s children’s children have inherited a healed world and live in an inherently balanced global culture that honors our inner energy beings and our outer physical bodies, a world culture harmonized with Infinite Intelligence